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Working on a new SaaS product

Mario Bašić
January 30th, 2020 · 2 min read

Go Visit & Visit Murter

My brother and I started a business with an idea of building a tourist information portal website on which we would list businesses, attractions, accommodations, events and news on the island of Murter. There are four villages on the island: Murter, Betina, Tisno and Jezera. The tourist season lasts two to three months in the summer.

You can see the website here: Visit Murter.

We even built a mobile application using React-native: Play Store (Android)

The problem

Our problem is that the island is very small (total population around 4000 people). We currently have around 40 clients (businesses) subscribed for the year. We started offering ads on our website to increase the income, but that only did so much.

Since the island is very small and the season lasts two months we can’t generate enough income to sustain ourselves.

Directory & Listing App

The plan is to convert our application to be a Saas application which we could then offer worldwide to other people interested in running a directory & listing website for their own communities. The cost of running a directory & listing app then, would be a small monthly subscription fee compared to building a solution from scratch as we did.

Imagine if you could, with a few clicks, have a ready-to-go web application which accepts payments from your clients and is fully automated.

Market research & opportunity

At one point in our development process (early on) of building Visit Murter website, we almost switched to a wordpress theme that was built for directory & listing specificaly. It had almost everything we needed … at least it seemed so at first.

That theme costs 60$ and is just a theme, which you install on top of wordpress. They have managed to sell it almost 10000 times on themeforest. WOW! Keep in mind that you still need a developer which will install wordpress, install this theme, set it up, and configure everything for you.

We figure, if we can deliver a SaaS application which requires no setup and people can start using in a matter of minutes to bill clients, we have a shot at this.


If you are interested in using our new product (which currently does not even have a name) subscribe to my newsletter down bellow, or send us an email at, or subscribe to the newsletter on our company blog. We will post product updates there, so be sure follow it. Company blog is on croatian language, but updates about our new product will be on english language.

View our company website here (Croatian language).

Thank you in advance.

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